I am for managing your tax dollars to get you the biggest bang for your buck!

Promote Individual Self-sufficiency: YES.
Affordable, Achievable State Services: YES.

Government lives on contributions which we call taxes. No matter what any politician promises, government in America is not able to provide cradle-to-grave income-based subsidies to individuals. One Secretary of Health and Human Services calculated that full funding of each program Congress mandated him to manage would require appropriating to his department the total federal budget for that year. There would be no military, national parks, farm support programs, or federal highway payments to states.

I support government programs that move individuals toward personal choice. I support measuring the impact of a program not on the number of individuals enrolled, but on the number of individuals who can become self-sufficient.

Across America one in five to one in four state tax dollars today funds Medicaid or government retiree pensions; projections are for future increases, not decreases. These costs will displace state funding of public safety, education and infrastructure. I support fixed contributions today to new-hire Georgia state employee pension and healthcare benefits coupled with an increase in employee current salaries. Today’s costs are transparent.


Too often government employees and politicians seem to expend government dollars less carefully than the taxpayer might. Would you travel 60 miles by chartered jet for $5000 or would you travel by car at a cost of $100 for mileage and parking?

In Robert Lupton’s book “Toxic Charity” he describes, while living in an inner-city neighborhood, his observation that charity can rob people of pride, initiative and dignity. The unintended result of good intentions can be permanent poverty and dependency.

Georgia state government oversees multiple programs with income-based eligibility. If an additional $10 of earned income reduces an income-based subsidy by $10, the individual receives no benefit. SNAP, Medicaid, heating assistance are examples of programs with income-based eligibility. If the result is no increased personal choice, why would someone try to take the initiative to try to become self-sufficient?

My eyes were opened to the sudden end of an income-based subsidy while I browsed Georgia Obamacare plans on In 2018 a $1000 salary increase could lead to a $4296 increase in premium for health insurance. This pay raise looks to me like a pay decrease! How does it look to you?

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