Safe use of guns and secure, safe storage of guns by law-abiding Georgians
will promote the security and safety of children gathered in large groups

Safety Class: YES.
Background Checks: YES.
AR15 and AK47: Lawful-owner accountability; YES.
Bump Stocks: NO.

I support completion of a course in both safe usage and safe storage of guns before a person makes his/her first purchase. The course content should include verbal and hands-on training.

I support a current background check of each proposed purchaser every time a weapon is to change ownership no matter the site of the sale. Both criminal convictions and mental health history should be current.

Bump stocks are a run around the federal ban of automatic weapons. I support their ban.

AK-45 and AR-15 are not needed for hunting game or for self-defense. I support making them unavailable for mass murder. How to do this is not straight forward.


Children and supporting adults should be safe when gathered in group activities including all schools, sporting events, 5-K Races, concerts, places of worship, etc.

The Second Amendment reads “a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Gun use has never been limited only to a well-regulated militia. Citizens traveling in wagon trains certainly used late eighteenth-century weaponry both for self- defense and for hunting animals for food.

Banning AR-15 or AK-47 rifles or high-capacity magazines would reduce new items. Our grandfathers’ weapons will remain in the community as will high-capacity magazines which I recently learned can be refurbished. Both number in the millions. Owner accountability might be achieved through through a licensing law similar to that currently applied to automatic weapons. The rifle would be linked to its law-abiding owner who would be responsible for keeping it out of the wrong hands and accountable for failure to do so.

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