I am Pro-Family: Adult encouragement of a child’s endeavors at school are a predictor of successful completion of high school.

Two-parent Household: YES.
Support in the Home for Education: YES.
Hunger: NO.
Homelessness: NO.

I am pro-family. Expenses of a household headed by two adults can be managed more economically than those of two households each headed by one adult. An example is utility deposits which are a per-household expense. One person can wash the dishes while the other reads with a child. Two adults can pool their resources of time and money to manage basic necessities of living and have more of both resources to devote to their personal happiness and to nurturing a child’s success for life.

LGBT couples can provide a stable, nurturing environment giving a child a safe, secure, stable and supportive environment in which to mature during the K-12 years and to dream about his future as a productive adult who is able to choose to give rather than to receive. few. Although same-sex couples will not propagate, in every other way their engagement in the community resembles that of heterosexual adults.

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